Firstly, thanks for visiting my website!
Secondly, welcome to the new design, I hope you like it!
Take a look around, get in touch if you have any comments, suggestions or to request information.


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2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new website!

  1. Chris Griffith 2 years ago

    Hi Richard.
    We were amazed at your piano and organ playing at a wedding we attended (as photographers ) today, at a churh near Weston Super Mare.
    Your technique is astounding and the chords and key changes were beautiful.
    Your website is brilliant too !
    Thanks so much. I/we will attempt to catch one of your future performances .
    Good luck with everything you do and keep on doing it.

    Chris and Chris (Somerset Photographer)

  2. Geoff Bryant 2 years ago

    I have been to two of your recent performances at Mark and Wedmore and was impressed by both.
    There are concerts held on a regular basis at Cossington Manor where they have an excellent Concert Grand. organised by Willam Stancer, the present owner together with Marian Curry. I have put your name forward and they would very much like to arrange a date for 2018. Would you let me know how they can contact you.